8 things to note before the new series

The wait is almost over, folks — after an initial rush that included wetting the bed, throwing up in the street, and lots of off-screen conversation with a certain absent PR exec, Sex and the city rebirth That’s itThe second season is almost upon us.

A trailer for the second series dropped on Wednesday night, featuring all of the original gang and the new friends they’ve made in the reboot’s first batch of episodes, not to mention some intriguing returning faces.

Here are eight things we noticed in the new teaser…

1. First off, here’s where things stand with Carrie and her podcast producer

The final shot of the Sex And The City revival saw Carrie finally lock lips with Franklyn, the producer of her new podcast, with many fans shipping the pair for most of season one.

When it was revealed that John Corbett would be returning to the franchise as Carrie’s ex Aiden, much of the show’s fan base wondered where that left things for Franklyn, which appears to have been addressed in the first teaser.

When things pick up in the trailer, we see that SJP’s character is still continuing with her solo podcast (also called Sex And The City), and has even had sex “to get out of pain” with her producer.

Nothing else appears to be happening, with Carrie insisting it’s “just sex” and her former colleague Jackie Nee warning her, “The world has changed…men have feelings too.”

2. That Diaz is back, folks…

Pap shots from the set of And Just Like That showed pretty much every cast member in action aside Sara Ramírezleading to speculation that everyone’s favorite”queer, non-binary, Mexican Irish diva” may not appear in season 2.

Luckily, Che Diaz is officially back and their romance with Miranda seems as passionate as the first time around.

It seems the two are also making some big strides in their relationship, with Miranda teasing a mysterious fling that is “a big step forward for Che… and for me.”

3. …And Miranda’s signature hair color, too

When we were reintroduced to Miranda in the first season of And Just Like That, the character had made the decision to embrace her natural hair color post-pandemic, though she returned to her signature do in the finale.

In case you were wondering, Miranda is apparently a vibrant redhead again in the new season. Oh, nostalgia…

4. Victor Garber joins the cast

A little surprise for Sex And The City fans was the inclusion of Victor Garber, best known for his roles in Titanic, Legally Blonde, Argo and the TV series Alias.

Little is known about what form his And Just Like That role will take, as he was only seen for a split second at what appears to be dinner with Charlotte.

There is also a brief shot of a new character played by Oliver Hudson – also of Nashville and Rules Of Engagement fame.

5. Hats!

And many of them! Uncle Bryn will be over the moon.

6. Sex And The City’s Subliest Throwback

Part of the teaser shows Carrie and her girls, old and new, apparently dancing the night away at a Halloween party (which matches paparazzi shots of Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker appearing to be heading to a costume party the Last year).

Look closely at the background and you’ll see someone partying in a hot dog costume that closely resembles the one worn by a flyer in an infamous episode of Sex And The City.

7. And, in fact, the least subtle

Love it or hate it: Aiden is back in Carrie’s life. Still.

Disappointingly, the teaser doesn’t reveal exactly what guise he’s back in (paparazzi photos show John Corbett and SJP looking on Very close, but they could be red herrings, as Sex And The City has been known to throw out from time to time?), but to quote the great prophet RuPaul, we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

8. Wait a minute, though – where’s Steve?

Harry is back, Aiden is back, all the And Just Like That newbies are back – hell the random hot dog costume is back too. Surely just because Miranda and Steve have split doesn’t mean fan favorite David Eigenberg won’t be back for the spinoff’s second run?

Besides, aren’t he and Aiden friends? Didn’t they have that bar or something?

Suppose we have to wait until June to find out, when season 2 airs on Sky Comedy on Now…

The first season of And Just Like That is now available to watch in full on Now.

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