Most Righteous Man On Tinder Says He’s Using GPT Chat And AI Technology To Help ‘Genetically Unblessed People’ Find Love

The self-proclaimed “most hit right man” on Tinder says he’s using GPT Chat and AI technology to help “the genetically unblessed” find love. Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 32, is a model and says dating “has never been a difficult task” — as meeting women “comes easily to him.” In 2017, it was revealed that he was the “hardest hit man” on the dating app Tinder. Now she’s using his dating prowess and the power of artificial intelligence to coach star-crossed lovers and help them achieve romantic success, like a real snag in life. Through his site, Celebrity Love Coach, single men can pay a membership ranging from £45 to £120 and he says it will help them have more successful encounters with online suitors. The service includes photo editing to “subtly edit” images and ChatGPT and AI to write attractive dating profiles and messages, stating that “it’s not cheating.” Stefan, model and racing driver, from Cuffley, Hertfordshire, said: ‘Think of it like Viagra for your social profile – other than my achievements, you come in hard and fast. ‘You’ll go from no dates to full diaries. “Every man deserves a better roll of dice. It’s not cheating, it’s evening off the playing field. “You use a dishwasher to make your home life easier: My clients use artificial intelligence and our training to make their lives easier. more satisfying dating , long lasting connection. “See men like Andrew Tate selling a false dream to impressionable young minds. “I’m selling a real solution: a bespoke action plan that uses machines to fix your dating mistake. “It’s not cheating, it’s giving power back to the less fortunate.” Stefan compares photo editing and using AI technology to Instagram filters and fill. He said, “We change people’s photos and personalize their bios.” Most people say it’s catfishing, but it’s not. “It’s like a girl putting a picture on Instagram using a filter or she gets Botox or fillers.” Stefan doesn’t just teach online and offers men the entire “Hitch” experience, where he meets clients and teaches them the art of dating. He recommends singles always video call before a first date, send a funny first message, and only use photos of themselves on their profiles. He said, “Your first message should be a fun open-ended question not just ‘hey.'” Don’t have anyone else in your profile pictures—you don’t want people to have to play ‘Where’s Wally?’ “You should include photos of your hobbies, not just photos of you drinking and clubbing, which don’t appeal to the right demographic.” Stefan also warns of men who are simply looking for one-night stands and urges them to “treat others how they want to be treated”. “You shouldn’t meet someone just to sleep with them right away, you should try to find out more about them to see if you’re compatible,” Stefan said. He also explains how to use Tinder plus to move the pin and choose a location that fits what you’re looking for. He said, “If you wanted to meet a pilot, you could move your pin to the Virgin Atlantic lounge at LAX and write something related in your bio.” According to the dating coach, of the 45 men he’s helped over the past two months, 32 have successfully dated. He added, “I’m giving non-genetically blessed people a hidden edge in the dating game. ‘My tips and AI training can turn any guy from zero to hero.’

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