Mum goes on a £16 holiday, going back in time for her night shifts

Meet the mum who goes on 48 hour adventures booking flights from £16, going back in time for her night shifts. Anne-Marie Moss, 45, has made EIGHT short trips in the last two years, spending just £994 on all return flights and accommodation. The mom-of-three got the wanderlust after finding a cheap deal to take her daughter Trinity, 20, and her friends, Imogen, 24, and Tianna, 23, to Krakow, Poland, for the Christmas markets. Christmas in December 2022 at £16 return flights. Realizing how easy it was to find a quick getaway at bargain prices, a month later she returned to Krakow, this time reuniting with a 30-year-old school friend, 44-year-old Rachel. Since she’s returned to the same city bringing new friends with her along the way: immersing herself in activities like kayaking, quad biking and cycling in the national park. Anne-Marie recently spent 48 hours in Palma, Spain getting foot massages and watching a boat race in March 2023 – costing £110 each – and she’s already got her next trip planned for May. Mom makes sure to strictly plan the jam-packed vacations and always makes sure to get back in time for her night shift as a receptionist at a psychiatric hospital. Anne-Marie, from Accrington, Greater Manchester, said: “I often get off the plane and head straight to my turn. “I sleep on the plane to go home. “It started when I found £16 return flights to Krakow, Poland. “I fell in love with it. “After we went home, I wanted to travel again. “We have just returned from 24 hours in Palma, Spain. “They were around £110 each in total. “It’s cheaper than going around Manchester.” Anne-Marie fell in love with getaways after taking her daughter Trinity and her friends to Krakow, Poland in December 2021, visiting the Christmas markets, Auschwitz and the salt mines. She said: ‘We got an apartment for £100 for two nights and it was right in the center of the city. “The snow was picturesque.” Desperate to go back, Anne-Marie invited her friend Rachel to join her in March 2022 after seeing a Facebook post from her about her desire to travel. She said: “I hadn’t seen her in 30 years but I said, ‘let’s try it?’ “It was last minute and we got a £35 return flight.” The couple traveled to the Tantra Mountains in Poland and visited the spa. They loved it so much they returned less than a month later and went kayaking, quad biking and cycling, all within 48 hours and spending just £120. Anne-Marie has been three times since – brought mum of the school, Jill, 50, and her family in May and June 2022 and her twin sister, Donna, 45, and their daughters, Trinity and Jasmine, 21, in December last year. She said: “Jill couldn’t come the first time we planned because her passport had expired. “So, I still took her family. “I booked a surprise visit in June so she could go. “We belly laughed all the time.” Anne-Marie spends two nights in Bucharest, Romania in February 2023 with 50-year-old Jill and Elisabeth. She said: “We went to the castles and the spas. “It was fabulous. “It cost us £116 each in total.” The shift worker just returned from 24 Hours Palma, Spain last month after leaving with Jill and her work partner, Heather, 40. “I’ve created new friendship groups along the way.” Anne-Marie has already planned her next trips—with Jill, Elisabeth and Rachel—to elope to Marseille, France, for 48 hours in May. They planned to kayak around the coast and go on a cruise, spending £29 each on return flights. Mum usually takes her trips in the middle of the week and books the earliest flight possible and the last one home to make sure they make the most of the time they have. She said: “I work shifts, so I usually go mid-week. “I try to catch an outbound flight and then try to catch the last flight home. “We only have backpacks.” Anne-Marie is always happy for more women to join their travels. She said, “As long as you’re nice and up for an adventure, come along. “You have to be ready for things. “We don’t relax by the pool.” Anne-Marie’s 48 Hour Getaway – December 2021 – Krakow – £16 flights each, £100 accommodation – £25 each March 2022 – Krakow – £35 flights, £50 accommodation April 2022 – Krakow & Tantra Mountains – £35 flights , £90 hotel, £120 activities May 2022 – Tantra Mountains three days – £120 each June 2022 – Krakow & Tantra Mountains – £22 flights, £120 each activity December – Tantra Mountains – £35 flights, accommodation – £ 100 February 2023 – Bucharest, Romania – £116 March – Palma – £110 Total – £994

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