Other former Tory ministers criticize Suella Braverman’s “racist rhetoric”.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman (PA Wire)

Home Secretary Suella Braverman (PA Wire)

Senior Conservatives criticized what was described as Suella Braverman’s “racist rhetoric”, with pressure on Rishi Sunak to take action.

Following a series of comments made by the Home Secretary – including singleting out British-Pakistani men over concerns over gang-baiting – a former senior Tory minister accused her of being a ‘real bigoted racist’ ,

The anonymous former minister, who was part of Boris Johnson’s government, told the Guardian he believed Ms Braverman’s comments “give the country a bad name”, while the Conservative Party’s “repute on discrimination has dropped to a new minimum”.

On April 2, the Home Secretary sparked criticism when she singled out British Pakistani men as a major source of concern, speaking of government measures to tackle gang solicitation.

Ms Braverman has repeatedly alluded to cases, including in Rotherham and Rochdale, involving groups of mainly ethnic Pakistani men.

He described a “predominance of certain ethnic groups – and I mean British Pakistani males – who hold cultural values ​​that are totally at odds with British values, who view women in a demeaning and illegitimate way and who pursue an antiquated and frankly atrocious approach in terms of how they they entail”.

In October, she was called on to resign over language choices when in the House of Commons she described the number of migrants crossing the Channel as an “invasion” of England.

This week, the Home Secretary reportedly fought over offensive dolls on display in an Essex pub.

Police seized several sweet tooth dolls from the White Hart Inn in Grays, Essex on April 4 as part of an investigation into a hate crime allegation.

According to Mail Online, a Home Office source said police forces “shouldn’t be involved in this kind of nonsense” and should instead focus on “catching criminals”.

Fellow Tory Sayeeda Warsi, in an article for the Guardian on Thursday, accused Ms Braverman of engaging in “racist rhetoric” and urged the Prime Minister to act.

“As a Conservative MP, it is painfully disappointing to see these comments made under the most diverse cabinet in history,” she wrote.

“I don’t think Sunak shares Braverman’s extreme views.

“But as party boss, the responsibility ends with him. As the first prime minister from an ethnic minority, he shouldn’t want to be remembered for presiding over a government that engaged in racist rhetoric.”

Tory Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the government’s Defense Select Committee, also said Ms Braverman’s comments “don’t sit well” with the party’s image.

He told the Guardian: ‘These comments – likely designed to appeal to a specific political cohort – don’t sit well with the new pragmatic and cooperative approach the prime minister is now injecting into Issue 10 and is seeing us improve in the polls. “

An Interior Ministry spokesman said: “The Interior Minister was clear that all despicable pedophiles must be brought to justice. And he won’t hesitate to tell hard truths, particularly when it comes to the care of young women and girls in British cities that have been shut down by the authorities for decades.

“As the Home Secretary said, the vast majority of British-Pakistanis are law-abiding and upstanding citizens, but independent reports were unequivocal that in cities such as Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford cultural sensitivity has meant that thousands of girls are been abused under the noses of councils and the police.

“That’s why we’ve announced a series of measures, including a new police task force and mandatory reporting, to ensure this horrific scandal can never happen again and bring members of soliciting gangs to justice for the victims.”

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