Samsung is organizing a huge sale of memory cards on Amazon

We’ve all seen that dreaded message: “Phone storage full.” And it Always it seems to happen when we’re trying to take a quick picture of something, never when we have the time to delete the images. Good news: An SD card (also known as a memory card) might be all you need. If your phone allows for expandable storage (as many Android phones do; sorry, iPhone users), you can insert a secure digital (SD) card to overcome your memory woes. Right now, Samsung has a pretty hefty sale going, including a 128GB SD card for just $12, and higher capacity cards for just a bit more, including this 512GB version for $40 (was $85 ). It’s over 50% off!


This SD card gives you an extra 128GB to work with, pretty much the full storage space of another phone.

$12 on Amazon

How much memory does your phone have? Many entry-level smartphones only offer 64GB of memory, which is nowhere near enough. Trust me: I have a 32GB iPad and the OS alone takes up most of that space. Like all other Apple products, it doesn’t allow expandable memory, so the only option to get more memory is to buy a new one.

Android users are in a much better position. While it varies between models, many Android phones let you plug in an SD card to boost your phone’s storage. This makes it easier not only to troubleshoot storage but also to transfer data from your phone. For example, you can move all the pictures you want to keep to the SD card, take it out of your phone and connect it to a computer to transfer the data.

This 128GB model from Samsung has fast transfer speeds and is backed by a 10-year warranty. What does this mean to you? Simple: You don’t have to sit around waiting for data to move off the card, and you can rely on it to last for years to come — honestly, probably longer than your phone itself will last.

These also serve as storage for other purposes. One user said, “Samsung has now become my preferred memory vendor over Sandisk. The price/value ratio is fantastic and this card proved to meet all advertised speeds in my limited testing. Great option for expanding Steam Deck space of storage, although I would have liked a 1TB version. Note that Samsung also offers a free utility to verify authenticity, a great tool given the high amount of fakes in the general market.”

Store more pictures, games or anything else you want on this memory card.  (Photo: Amazon)

Store more pictures, games or anything else you want on this memory card. (Photo: Amazon)

Another user reported that Samsung is the only way to go. “Great products as always from Samsung. I love their SD cards; they are all I use now. I have tried them all and have had problems with all but Samsung. They are always fast and reliable!”


Sure, it might not be the fastest read/write sequence out there, but it’s more than enough to give you a boost when you have too many images saved.

$12 on Amazon

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent releases at the time of posting.

If you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping, of course. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders $25 or more.)

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