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You probably have a friend or family member with an Apple Watch and maybe you thought to yourself, “This looks really useful; too bad they are so expensive. Well, they’re a little cheaper right now at Walmart, where you can save up to a staggering $350 on a Series 7 with GPS and cell service. This is an incredibly popular watch with over 38,000 five star ratings and with Apple’s commitment to quality, this is truly a deal not to be missed.


The pinnacle of wearable technology, the Apple Watch does it all: from tracking your health data (make sure you take these steps!) to storing your music, helping you find your way with GPS, and fielding your messages and messages. calls.

$399 on Amazon

You probably don’t need us to tell you about the wonders of the Apple Watch, but we will anyway. Besides being, you know, a clock, this mind-blowing device can sync with all types of audio entertainment (podcasts, songs, audiobooks), report your location with pinpoint accuracy, track your fitness regimen, and measure blood oxygen and heart rate. You can even download a mindfulness app to help you stay in the moment. Namaste!

“Glad to have it!” said one shopper. “Extremely important and very necessary. One should be given at birth like a social security number.”

“This watch is perfect,” said another. “Love all the features. I only have important notifications coming through my watch so I don’t get bothered by an update telling me someone scored a goal during a match, but I can still see it on my phone when I look there. It helps even with the service gaps at home; i can keep my phone where i get good service and still get a phone call/texts in the basement! one. It was nice to have the oxygen sensor when i had covid. Very handy.”

apple watch deal

Looking for an Apple Watch deal? This fan-favorite model with GPS and cell service is discounted on Amazon. (Photo: Amazon)

Buyers have many nice things to say about the watch, noting that “because I’m both active and aging, the emergency drop feature seemed practical. It is, but in terms of health tracking, it offers so much more. other heart metrics to record sleep, fitness records and more, provides a definitive record of activity/idle, momentum versus inertia.Since the Apple Watch mirrors so much of your iPhone, there’s too much to describe.

Even longtime Android users like it. “Just switched to iPhone from Android for the first time and had to try the watch to match. Love this thing can’t go a day without it. Loved mine so much I made my mom and wife both jealous, so I bought one for both of them too. I really enjoy challenging them on the fitness app. It helps push me to exercise more.”


The dark gray metal band looks good in any situation, from work to a date night to a weekend excursion.

$399 on Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping, of course. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders $25 or more.)

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent releases at the time of posting.

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