Streaming giant Netflix to invest .5 billion in South Korean content

Streaming giant Netflix to invest $2.5 billion in South Korean content

Streaming giant Netflix to invest .5 billion in South Korean content


The footage shows a family of four having lunch and sneaking out of the restaurant without paying their bills

A family-run restaurant has asked a group of diners to return and settle their £60 bill after they allegedly made a runner while staff were inattentive. The wily family of four can be seen on CCTV footage seemingly sneaking out of an Italian restaurant as staff whipped up desserts on Saturday night. The unidentified man and woman were first seen checking out their filming equipment before binging on a £60 dinner with their two children. But a CCTV camera later caught them fleeing Vito’s in Sheffield, south York, after being ordered deserters to distract unsuspecting staff. Chef Vito Ciaraolo, 59, who has owned the classic Italian restaurant for 32 years, said he was “frustrating” that they pulled the ugly gimmick at his neighborhood restaurant. And he said the couple had set a particularly bad example for the children, who had eloped with the woman moments before the man walked out the door after them. He said, “It’s very frustrating. You can imagine what I would have done if I had taken them. But there was nothing I could do. “The waitress placed an order in the kitchen. She said they had ordered three desserts but the children and the woman had left, and only the man was left in the restaurant. “I told the waitress ‘Go upstairs. I think they will make a runner.’ “I realized they were up to something. But when she came upstairs a minute later, they were gone.” The family arrived at Vito’s restaurant at 6pm on Sunday (23 April) and ordered olives, then three pizzas and a plate of aubergines for main courses, a fruit juice and three soft drinks, for a bill of £60.95. Once the main courses are finished, CCTV footage shows the woman – dressed in black – rising from her seat and leading the children off the table. The man, in a blue T-shirt, then orders desserts before making a I snap as the waitress is distracted. Vito said the staff didn’t know the family, who had chosen to sit at a table near the door before starting to place their orders. He said, “They just came in. They were new to us, and the staff said they’d never seen them before. ” They were looking around to see if there were any cameras. But they haven’t seen one of the cameras, which is very high up. “They started with some appetizers, some olives, and then they had three pizzas and an eggplant parmesan, they also had some sodas.” Vito said he was shocked when he discovered the couple had walked away from his premises without settling the bill. But he now believes from the way they acted that they may have already tried the same trick in other restaurants. He added: ‘I think they’ve already gone out to eat and done exactly the same thing they did to me. “That’s the impression I got. I think they always do that. ” If someone comes to the restaurant and says he has no money, I can give you something to eat. It’s not a problem. kind of person I am. I try to help everyone.” Vito said he has since received a surge of support from his regular customers, adding that if the family coughed up the money for the bill he would donate it to a good cause. He said: “Everyone is disappointed with what happened. But they are very supportive. I have a lot of lovely clients. “I’ve been here for 32 years and this is only the second time this has happened. But if that kid gives it back, I’ll give that money to charity. Vito has not yet reported the incident to the police.

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