Taylor Swift praised for “smooth” handling of the wardrobe malfunction during the live show

Fans praised Taylor Swift for how she handled a wardrobe malfunction on Thursday at one of her concerts.

On Thursday night, the singer performed at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, as part of her US Eras Tour. In a video shot at the concert, shared by a fan on TikTok, Swift could be seen wearing an all-purple ensemble while performing the song “Lavender Haze”, from her 2022 album, Midnight.

As she continued to pace the stage, she had a minor wardrobe malfunction, as she noticed that her sparkly purple garter had broken. However, she continued to finish her song, before approaching her backing singers.

As he approached them, the melody of his next song, “Anti-Hero”, began playing and she began to sing. Once she reached her backing singers, she pointed out the broken garter to them and they stepped in to help.

When the two singers replaced the accessory on the Grammy Award winner’s leg, Swift continued singing, “I shouldn’t be left to myself / They come with prices and vices.” She then looked down at her leg and smiled at the two women helping her. Swift raised her arm and apparently referred to the wardrobe malfunction, as she sang the lines, “I end up in a meltdown.”

Swift smiled and nodded her head, as the backing singers finished arranging the garter and sang, “A Tale As Old As Time.” In the text above the video, the TikTok user who posted the video also praised Swift for how she handled the situation, as they called her “such a seasoned professional.”

As of April 14, the TikTok video has more than 4.8 million views, with fans in the comments pointing out the random moment the garter was pinned.

“’She shouldn’t be left to her own devices’ was so perfectly in sync with her singers adjusting the garter. Exceptional! Lol,” wrote one.

“The irony of singing ‘I’m finishing in crisis’ while getting my costume fixed,” added another.

Other people applauded the two women who fixed the accessory so quickly.

“The backup singers were the real MVPs tonight,” wrote one, while another added, “THAT WAS SO SMOOTH.”

A third quipped, “The backing singers really are the real backing.”

On Thursday, Swift returned to the stage for her Eras tour after a short hiatus. The gig also came just days after it was reported she and Joe Alwyn had broken up, after six years of dating.

On April 8, it was first reported that Swift and Alwyn had broken up, con Entertainment tonight claiming they had separated several weeks ago. A source also told the publication that the breakup “wasn’t dramatic” and that “the relationship had just run its course.”

The singer appeared to address her alleged split during her Thursday night concert, as she spoke to fans in the audience and said, “So, we’ve got a lot to catch up on, don’t we?”

Following reports that Alwyn and Swift had split, many Swifties have also noticed changes to the singer’s setlist. At the beginning of her tour, she performed the song “Invisible String,” which is about the inherent connection between two lovers, from her 2020 album, Folklore.

However, since his show in Arlington, Texas on March 31, he has played instead Folklore track “The 1”, which details a breakup as Swift sings about “waking up alone”.

Others claimed to have seen Swift cry while performing the breakup song “champagne issues” from her 2020 album Alwaysin the wake of the alleged split.

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