The evolving landscape of scientifically backed nutraceuticals in India

In recent decades, health and fitness have become a priority for people. Hence, there is a special emphasis on diet, nutrition, exercise and supplements. Nutraceuticals, which were once an innovative concept, now occupy an important position in the path to people’s health. Nutraceuticals now act as health partners and offer additional health benefits to meet the nutritional needs of the body.

The transition to nutraceuticals supported by scientific evidence

Due to growing popularity and growing demand, tThe Indian nutraceutical industry is witnessing rapid growth due to increased consumer awareness of the benefits of these products. Currently, India holds 2% of the global market share. But it is expected to be a global leader in 4-5 billion dollars and should touch 18 billion dollars by 2025. The pandemic he has been instrumental in driving this growth. Also, tswitch to a preventive and proactive health care approach has also increased the demand for cleaner food and they have become aware of what they consume.

Consumers today demand to know what they are consuming. This is why they expect brands to be transparent about the ingredients they use and whether the products are backed by evidence. This further contributes to the growth of the nutraceutical industry, which is supported by scientific research and evidence. This further contributes to the maintenance of the holistic health of the consumers. Industry players are now also paying particular attention to the ingredients they select and use and make sure they have sufficient scientific evidence.

Growing demand drives innovation in the nutraceutical market

Today, India is one of the leaders Ayurveda-inspired nutraceutical markets. Why? Indian consumers are increasingly looking for natural and plant-based products, leading to the growing popularity of herbal and Ayurvedic nutraceuticals. Indeed, India’s strong history in Ayurveda has revolutionized the nutraceutical industry. Today we have nutraceutical products which are the perfect combination of pharmaceuticals and medicinal herbs as well jadibootis. Not only them it boosts immunity but also fights ailments and has zero side effects.

Government efforts contribute to the production of evidence-based nutraceuticals

The Government of India has set up a regulatory framework through the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to oversee the manufacturing and marketing of nutraceuticals, ensuring that products meet safety and quality standards. The Indian government is further promoting the use of nutraceuticals as part of its national health policy. It is also launching initiatives to encourage research and development in the sector and the use of nutraceuticals for preventive health care. The industry is further stimulated by policies such as allowing 100% FDI in the production of nutraceuticals through the automatic route.

Consequently there there has been a significant increase in R&D within the Indian nutraceutical industry as companies invest in creating new products that offer scientifically proven health benefits. This is also leading to aa growing trend of collaboration between Indian nutraceutical companies and global players, further contributing to the introduction of innovative products in the market. cCompanies are doing what they can to make consuming nutraceuticals more convenient for consumers. Therefore, they are introducing innovations in formulations and delivery formats. These include bars, capsules, chewable or gummy tablets, effervescent tablets and drinks.

To sum up

Consumers are more aware than ever of the relationship between nutrition and health, resulting in an increased demand for nutraceuticals that address specific health concerns such as immune system support, digestive health and heart health. At one end of the health spectrum, there are “better-for-you” foods and beverages that focus on holistic wellness. And on the other hand there are pharmaceutical products intended to cure diseases. At the culmination of both lies growth opportunities for nutraceuticals. The Indian nutraceutical market is based on the principles of maintaining health, early intervention and reducing the risk of disease. However, over time, scientifically backed products are seeing significant growth due to growing consumer demand for clean products. The scientific orientation enabled by technology-driven customer engagement will lead to an increase in the consumer health and nutrition sector in India and especially drive the growth of the nutraceutical market.



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