VALORANT’s new Black Market Bundle looks a lot like Counter-Strike weapons

Many think that the Black Market Bundle seems to take inspiration from one from VALORANT

Many think the Black Market Bundle appears to be inspired by one of VALORANT’s biggest competitors. (Photo: Riot Games)

The new VALUING the bundle of leather looks familiar enough.

Called the Black Market Bundle, the skins seem to pay homage to the game’s biggest competitor, Counter Strike.

Releasing Wednesday (April 12), skins will be available for Bulldog, Classic, Marshall, Melee, and Vandal.

As soon as Riot’s Black Market pack was announced on Monday (April 10), players started noticing that the skins closely resemble the iconic Counter Strike weapons from which many of VALORANT’s weapons are inspired.

They wouldn’t be wrong either; the skins are similar and the theme and branding of the skin pack resembles Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Moving away from the flashier, more extravagant and colorful skins of the game in the past, the Black Market bundle is themed in more neutral tones in black, sand beige and mahogany, which might remind a little Counter-Strike: Global Offensivethe weapons.

Many in the FPS community have noted these eerie similarities:

Specifically, the Bulldog’s skin is quite reminiscent of the FAMAS’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensivewhile the Vandal used by the attacker appears to be an exact replica of a real AK-47 from the same game.

Tarik “Tarik” Celik, a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro and now a VALUING streamer and content creator, was among gamers who said the package was a lot Counter-Strike: Global Offensive theme.

“Oh my god, it’s an AK! What was that?” she said in a stream where she reacted to the skin ad.

“Was it supposed to be a vandal?” she added, as she rewound that specific clip. “It’s literally a set of CS skins.”

The Black Market collection has moved away from VALORANT's usually colorful and outlandish designs.  (Photo: Riot Games)

The Black Market collection has moved away from VALORANT’s usually colorful and outlandish designs. (Photo: Riot Games)

Vandal’s mahogany wood and black metal are striking contrasts that will make any FPS fan do a double take. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the Classic resemble that of Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveit’s Glock.

Frankly, promotional materials also show that the Black Market Bundle is placed in similar cases to those Counter Strike players open up to get new skins.

Some Twitter users like it Pyythhn note this may be Riot’s response to Valve’s announcement of the imminent release of Counter-Strike 2, with crowds of players racking up tons of hours in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from the announcement.

This is also the first skin pack in the game that will feature “unique defender and attacker appearances”, with a different color scheme and a couple of variations in design, depending on which side you might be on during the match.

The price of the pack hasn’t been revealed yet, but based on skin price history, it will likely cost around 7,100 VALUING points, with each weapon priced at approximately 1,775 VP and melee priced at 3,500 VP.

The Black Market Bundle will be available at VALUING shop starting Wednesday (April 12).

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