Vandals spray ‘gas guzzling’ 4x4s with the slogan ‘this car kills children’.

SUVs vandalized with environmental slogans in Clifton, Bristol - Triangle News

SUVs vandalized with environmental slogans in Clifton, Bristol – Triangle News

The cars have been sprayed with slogans shaming their owners as “climate offenders” for driving 4x4s.

Other vehicles had “this car kills babies” written on the side in white lettering.

‌The stencils have been daubed on SUVs in Bristol’s affluent Clifton neighborhood.

‌It is the latest effort by protesters who consider gas-intensive vehicles polluting.

‌Last week, 20 4x4s in Gosport, Hants had their tires downed in the latest action by the Tire Extinguishers protest group.

‌It is unknown who is behind the slogans in Bristol.

Rachel Weaver-Tooley, 57, ‌a dog walker, had her Land Rover daubed with paint. You have received a £200 estimate to remove it.

‌She said: “I feel very upset. It’s devastating to go out and see your car vandalized with permanent paint.

Another SUV targeted by protesters in Bristol - Triangle News

Another SUV targeted by protesters in Bristol – Triangle News

‌The damage sparked a huge debate on Reddit, where the images were originally posted in early April, with many supporting the action.

The original poster said, “First it was getting the tires down on 4x4s. This is what happened overnight…”

‌Another debate began on April 20 with further images released of targeted Range Rovers.

‌Both posts sparked a huge discussion, with many people saying 4x4s weren’t necessary.

‌”It’s a bit crazy that Ulez isn’t covering for Clifton,” read one poster.

‌“I think if it did a lot of 4x4s would quickly disappear. A better solution than criminal damage”.

‌Another said: “Does this kind of activism work? People who do that are going to make fun of that, and people who are into this sort of thing but are too scared to do it are going to be talking on social media or whatever. But it just feels like preaching to the choir.

‌“Owners won’t be convinced by their point of view.‌”

‌One reader replied: “The point is not to convince people – people driving 4x4s in cities like Bristol are unlikely to be won over to reason.

‌”The goal is to make owning a 4×4 difficult so that people switch to something else.”

‌Another quipped, “Anything that makes 4x4s awkward or shameful to drive around town is fine by me. I grew up in an agricultural area. These folks don’t need a 4×4. They’re just idiots who fell for marketing to dodge emissions.

‌But others have described the vandalism as “senseless.”

‌”Probably the same people who keep smashing the window of the local Clifton butcher in the name of veganism,” said one.

‌”A local business that prides itself on sourcing from British farms with high welfare standards… Hypocrites.”

‌Another replied, “A bit silly, new SUVs are no worse for the climate than other new cars.

‌“But they are too big for our streets.”

‌“This is nothing but vandalism. Absolutely muppet doing that,” said one thread reader.

‌Continued global sales of SUVs have pushed their climate-warming emissions to nearly one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2022, according to the International Energy Agency.

Avon and Somerset Police said the incidents were being treated as criminal damages.

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