What is the circadian diet The latest nutritional regimen in trends 7 health benefits to know

Circadian Diet: This is the new trending diet and it allows us to decode how beneficial it can actually be for our health.

What is the circadian diet, the latest trending nutritional regimen?  7 health benefits to know

Circadian diet: Nutrition and well-being are currently the main trends when it comes to taking care of yourself. And among this circadian diet is the newest trend. But what is all this fuss about? A circadian diet is basically an eating plan that works by the clock. It is mostly designed so that it can be integrated with the body. Natural Circadian Rhythm: The 24-hour body clock we function by every day. This 24-hour clock is responsible for our sleep-wake cycle, hormone production, and some other bodily functions as well. Now, with this diet, people eat at a certain time of day because it further helps regulate the body’s metabolism accordingly.

How does the circadian diet work?

According to Malika Singh, Certified Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach, our sleep pattern is inextricably linked to metabolism and hormones that regulate hunger. Ghrelin stimulates our appetite, while leptin inhibits it. When the body is deprived of sleep and disrupted from its circadian rhythm, it can cause an imbalance in ghrelin and leptin levels, resulting in irregular eating patterns and behaviors.

The concept of this dietary style is to have mealtimes during a specific time of day, usually as a 12-hour window. Consume calories throughout the day and limit food intake after dark. Also, the diet should be rich in nutrients and processed foods, sweets and drinks should be avoided.

What is circadian rhythm?

“Your circadian rhythm is basically an internal 24-hour clock that runs against the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. It’s also known as the sleep/wake cycle,” says the National Sleep Foundation.

Benefits of the circadian diet

  1. Eat fixed program: Create a fixed food routine that affects overall health
  2. Good Digestion: Aligning your food timing with your sleep schedule helps with the digestive system and also in hormone production
  3. Reduces Midnight Cravings: Proper dietary practices help keep you fuller longer and reduce late-night cravings
  4. Reduces the risk of diseases: With a proper circadian diet, it can help reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, inflammation, etc.
  5. Weight control: Eating within a 12-hour window and avoiding late night meals can improve weight loss efforts and help regulate appetite hormones. It prevents overeating and helps maintain weight.
  6. Better sleep: Aligned feeding and sleep schedules help you get quality sleep.

However, that’s not it. It is important to follow this diet regularly in a disciplined way. But it should be noted that you need to consult a professional dietitian or professional to understand the right proportion of food intake as the body’s requirements are different for different people.

Publication date: 15 April 2023 16:39 IST

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