World record holder fulfills ‘lifelong dream’ with most Deadpool memorabilia

A comic book superfan has claimed to have fulfilled his “lifelong dream” by breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Deadpool memorabilia with a total of 2,250 items.

Gareth Peter Pahliney, from Cloghan in Ireland, started his collection in 2006 and has since created his own ‘happy place’ full of Deadpool-related pieces, including a themed spatula, plant pot and life-size statue nature of the Marvel superhero.

The 41-year-old, who lives with his wife Nikki, their seven-year-old son Liam and four-month-old daughter Sophie, said he buys between 20 and 40 items a month – ‘sometimes more’ – from all over the world .

“It’s been a lifelong dream to be in the book since I was a kid,” Mr. Pahliney told the PA news agency.

Guinness World Record

Gareth Peter Pahliney who said he achieved his ‘lifelong dream’ (Guinness World Records/PA)

“Seeing all these people’s names in the book, I said, ‘Well, one day I’m going to find something I can be about in the book.’

“I think it’s my happy place… When I sit in the comic cave, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Mr Pahliney, who is currently a stay-at-home father but volunteers as a club leader for Irish youth organization Foroige, said he started reading comics aged five and found himself “completely taken” by Deadpool.

He had collected other comics and figurines long before 2006, but liked that Deadpool was “more of a fringe character”, and his clever quips and difficult past “made him special”.

“I think he’s faced a lot of hardships in his life and that just makes him a more complete character,” she said.

“I bought as many comics as I could…and when the action figures started coming out, I collected them and put them in a little display case.

Guinness World Record

The collection started in 2006 (Guinness World Records/PA)

“And I think he just grew up.”

Mr. Pahliney explained that he thought he had enough memorabilia to win the record in 2016 and contacted Guinness World Records.

He was “slightly under the 2,000 mark” at the time, and he decided to try again in 2023 after building a comic cave in his home.

The whole process is something he has “found” happiness in, especially since he stopped drinking alcohol 14 years ago.

“In my sobriety, I’ve found things that have made me happy,” Pahliney said.

“And that’s also where I spent my money – all the money I saved by getting out and everything else I put into comics and my collection.

Guinness World Record

Mr. Pahliney started reading comics when he was five (Guinness World Records/PA)

“Something I can look around and be proud of.”

One of Mr. Pahliney’s earliest — and favorite — items is a Sideshow Collector’s Mark figurine of Deadpool holding a rubber chicken.

“He made it so different and fun,” she said.

“Compared to all the other statues you’ve seen, which were serious and museum-like poses.

“(And) there’s a sentimental story that goes with it — my aunt was able to get it for me and bring it back to me when I lived in South Africa.”

Another notable piece is a rare Deadpool bust used to fashion the character’s mask in the first film, signed by Marvel comics creator Stan Lee and actor Ryan Reynolds, who according to Pahliney “truly embodies” Deadpool.

Guinness World Record

The father of two says he has found happiness in his collection (Guinness World Records/PA)

“I think it’s brilliant,” she said.

“And I couldn’t have imagined another actor playing that role.

“I think what’s really great is that he’s a dad too and you can see he makes time for his family — he’s a really good guy.”

An added factor is the amusement of Mr. Pahliney’s young son Liam who likes to join his father in the ‘comic cave’.

“(He) absolutely loves it,” she said.

“He’ll come sit downstairs with me, he loves it down there.”

He also has a YouTube channel dedicated to weekly comics and entertainment news, as well as reviews of items in his Deadpool collection.

And Mr. Pahliney shows no signs of stopping his hobby.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop,” she said.

“I will continue to collect as long as I can”.

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